A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This application is a perfect opportunity to play a hang (drum) without actually buying one. With this application, a hang (drum) is literally under your hands. You can easily play any sound from the G minor scale by colliding your palms with the designed instrument. It is a great way to enjoy an instrument and compose music.

Created by Mert Bozfakioglu, Zeynep Seker, Can Kohen, Tibet Ahunbay

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Install instructions

You can run this application on both PC and Mac. However, in order to run this application as designed, you must use a Leap Motion sensor. First, download the zip file and unzip it at your computer. After double clicking on the application symbol, you can start playing your Hang (drum).


Jamming with Leap 17 MB
Jamming with Leap 14 MB
Jamming with Leap 16 MB


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You have to include the data folder with the exe in order for it to run properly. Right now, when I run the exe, I get "Error: Data folder not found, There should be 'Jamming with Leap_Data' folder next to the executable."


We now uploaded the data folders for both Windows and Linux

The uploaded file does not seem to include a Windows build.

Thank you for informing us. We uploaded windows and linux builds.